Advisory committee


Apparel, Events, and Hospitality Management Young-A Lee, Undergraduate Minor Coordinator Term: January 2015-July 2018
Computer Science Carl Chang Term: August 2014-July 2017
Economics-Agls Community Vitality Center Sandra Charvat Burke Term: August 2013-July 2016
Human Development and Family Studies Jennifer Margrett, Director Term: August 2015-July 2018
Human Sciences Extension and Outreach Debra Sellers Term: August 2014-July 2017
Interior Design Lisa Bates Term: August 2015-July 2018
Kinesiology Jason Gillette, Graduate Minor Coordinator Term: August 2013-July 2016
Kinesiology Elizabeth Stegemoller, Student Group Advisor Term: August 2015-July 2018
Mechanical Engineering Abhijit Chandra Term: August 2013-July 2016