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New demographic – new career possibilities

branding_choose_101There are more people over the age of 65 alive today than any other period in history. The U.S. Census Bureau projects that the number of older persons will surpass the number of children within 10 years.

The ISU Gerontology Program applies a cross-section of university-wide disciplines to the study of aging to prepare graduates in diverse areas of a profession with almost unlimited growth and reach. The program strengths include:

  • A cross-departmental curriculum allows students to pursue their own interests and gain skills in a wide variety of gerontology-related areas: from architecture to exercise to technology. Faculty/discipline areas »
  • Online programs are available for working professionals. Students benefit from available online-only programs and online programs that combine with on-campus courses. More »
  • Gerontology program collaborates with other universities and colleges across the state to improve gerontology education. ICAP »
  • Faculty, staff, and students are involved in a variety of programs and services that directly help older Iowans. More »
  • Gerontology research on campus addresses issues from the lab to the community. More »

Gerontology News from the College of Human Sciences

Research internship gives undergraduates hands-on experience working with prestigious faculty
The Rosenfeld research internship gives undergraduates the opportunity to work with prestigious faculty and prepare for graduate school.
On-campus graduate program in gerontology begins with four students
Four on-campus students pursue advanced degrees in gerontology, the study of adult development and healthy aging, during the program’s first semester on campus.
Supplements, exercise could improve muscle mass and strength for older adults
Iowa State kinesiology professor Rick Sharp is working to slow or reverse the progression of sarcopenia, the loss of muscle strength and function that comes with aging.
ISU gerontology program carries out goal of the Older Americans Act
In the 50th year of the Older Americans Act, Iowa State’s gerontology program helps older adults age actively by preparing communities for lifespan issues.
Mothers give more than they receive when family struck by major illness
Mothers provide more support to adult children with a serious health condition than to their other children — a situation that can put older mothers in a vulnerable position.
New HDFS chair aims to cultivate department’s name-brand recognition
Carl Weems is the new professor and chair of human development and family studies. He's a developmental scientist and psychologist who applies science to real-world problems.
Iowa State alumni advocate for older adults
Iowa State University human development and family studies alumni are advocating for older adults and educating a workforce to help meet their needs.
Carl Weems to lead human development and family studies at Iowa State University
Carl Weems, a scholar and leader in psychopathology and mental health, will take the helm of human development and family studies at Iowa State University, effective July 1.
Iowa State researchers urge rural states to prepare for aging
Older adults living in rural states are at risk of lacking access to the resources they need, according to a new study led by Iowa State University.
Nearly $2 million grant to aid Iowa State study tracking evolution of couples into later adulthood
An assistant professor in human development and family studies received a $1.9 million grant to study later adulthood.

  • Attending Conferences

    Faculty and students attended the 2014 Gerontological Society of America conference in Washington D.C.

  • Why study aging?

    Video »

    In this video students from several Iowa schools share advice and insights about the study of gerontology, rewarding and diverse career options, and job security well into the future.

    (Video by ICAP partners and the Iowa Gerontological Society)

  • Did You Know?

    Aging individuals and their families can locate resources like Powerful Tools for Caregivers offered through Iowa State Extension and Outreach.

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