Program overview

Want a career for life?

The world is witnessing tremendous growth of the population aged 65 and older:

  • The oldest-old (85+) are proportionately the fastest growing segment of the population.
  • By 2050, 1 in 4 people will be aged 65+.

Iowa is at the forefront of this aging revolution as one of the oldest states in the country. Older adults are a diverse group with varied backgrounds, preferences, and needs, and you  can have a direct, immediate impact working with this population. The ISU Gerontology Program offers these degrees that provide a foundation for careers in aging:

Undergraduate minor

Graduate minor

Master’s Degree in Gerontology (on campus)

Doctoral Degree in Gerontology (on campus)

Graduate certificate (online)

Masters program (online)

Look at a list of career possibilities for Gerontology.