On Campus: MS and PhD in Gerontology

Master's and doctoral degrees

While known for our long-standing online master's and certificate programs specializing in Gerontology as well as undergraduate and graduate minors, in Fall 2015 we welcomed our first cohort of on-campus graduate students majoring in Gerontology. Our programs are interdepartmental in nature. This means that students receive content and training in Gerontology as well as a complementary discipline. Students work with a Major Professor with aging interests identified from the diverse faculty across the Iowa State campus. Our faculty investigate all aspects of aging from cells to communities.  We believe an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach allows students to enhance their experiences, training, and skills and ultimately their marketability and career success. We are currently recruiting a Fall 2018 cohort of excellent master’s and doctoral students from diverse majors and backgrounds. No prior gerontology training is required! The following links will be useful to you as you learn more about our program and the admissions process. The curriculum for the Gerontology Program follows the guidelines and new competencies based on recommendations from the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education. Students work with their Major Professor and committee members to craft a program of study which encompasses core Gerontology and home department curriculum while fitting the unique needs of the student.

Admission process

Program admission requirements and application can be found on the Gerontology page housed on the Graduate College website. Very important to the admission and training of Gerontology graduate students is a match with a Major Professor and home department. Faculty interests and departmental affiliation can be found on the faculty directory. For full admission and assistantship consideration, please submit requested materials to the Graduate College and a supplemental application form to the Gerontology Program on or before January 15, 2018.  

Research assistantships and scholarships

**2018-2021 Presidential Scholar Award**

Available for an incoming doctoral student in Gerontology

This year we are pleased to announce the opportunity for an incoming doctoral student in Gerontology to be named a Presidential Scholar. This award comes with 3-year funding, including a 12-month assistantship in the first year of study. Additionally, first-year research assistantships funded by the Graduate College are available to all students applying for an on-campus graduate degree in Gerontology.  Funding in subsequent years is navigated by the student's home department and Major Professor. Scholarships at the university, college, and departmental levels are also available during graduate training. Please inquire about applying for these opportunities.